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An International Consortium

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Support our activities

At present we only  receive  bitcoins or litecoin donations since there is no transaction fee



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Please note that donations are not tax deductible.

The consortium also accepts donations in form of:


Laboratory reagents (drugs, consumables)

Scientific equipment

Services for laboratory research

Fellowships to support students (travel to meetings, salaries for Master or PhD)

Sponsorship (meetings & events)

How does it work?

We connect donors with glioma researchers. The researcher makes a wish list and the donor buy item(s) for a particular research and the donated item(s)  go to the institution where the particular researcher works.  In this way 100 % of the donations goes directly to glioma research and not to support expensive parties and high salaries for executives of fundraisers organizations.

At present your donation can support research groups in Sweden, China and US and Argentina.  We expect to increase our list of collaborators to other countries.

You can also organize your own fundraising event and simply purchase and donate items or pay bills for glioma research. 

Every dollar counts and it will support glioma research 100%.

In return, will:

For businesses (personal or company): advertise your company.

For individuals: set a Memorial or Tribute Page honoring yourself or a loved one who has been affected by this disease.

Contact us for additional information or if you have any question: